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The Classification of Hadeeth

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Based upon the Book on Hadith Classification by Sheikh Suhaib Hassan.


The Definition of Hadeeth 
The Structure of Hadeeth

The Recording and Preservation of Hadeeth The Significance of the Sanad (the chain of narrators of Hadeeth)

The Fabrication of Hadeeth

Mustalahal-Hadeeth (the Classification of Hadeeth)

Classificationaccording to the begining of the Sanad (chain of narrators): Classification according to the link in the isnad Classification according to the number of reporters involved in each stage of isnad Classification according to the manner in which the Hadeeth has been reported Classification according to the nature of the matn and isnad Classification according to a hidden defect found in the isnad or text of a Hadeeth Classification according to the Reliability and Memory of the Reporters
An Important Argument regarding the Ahad Hadeeth

Authenticity of a Mursal Hadeeth

Rijalal-Hadeeth (the study of the reporters of Hadeeth)

Who Fabricated Hadeeth?

Brief Biographies of the eminent Scholars of Hadeeth

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