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English Resources: A Variety of Articles, Books and Lectures in English on the most important Islamic Issues, from Aqeedah (Creed) to Akhlaaq (Morals).

Urdu Resources: 
- A Selection of Urdu Articles and Books for Free Download. 
- The Best of Urdu lectures collected over the years, by scholars from India, Pakistan, Kuwait, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia  

Distance Learning Course in Essential Islaamic Beliefs - A Free Islamic Course for English speakers, explaining the Pillars of Eeman (Faith) 

Presenting Islaam and Clarifying Misconceptions - A collection of dynamic lectures, debates and seminars by Dr. Zakir Naik. An attempt to present Islam and clear some unjust prejudices against Islam 

As-Sunnah Community - "Sharing and Spreading Islamic Information". The Bi-monthly Newsletter as-Sunnah for Free Download  

English Lecture Series :  
(1) Dawah (the Call to Allah) - its virtues, significance and methodology - by Dr. Abdullah al-Farsi  
(2) The Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed of Sheikh Muhammed bin Abdul-Wahaab by Dr. Abdullah al-Farsi

(Coming Soon) Forecoming Book - The Misguided Concepts that some Muslims have Borrowed from Ancient Pagan Religions - an Explanation of the Methodology of the Jamaat Tableegh, its Dawah, its relation to the School of Deoband and the influences of Soofism upon it

Islamic Classes (English)

Dawah Activities in Kuwait and the Emirates 
KUWAIT - Activities in Urdu (Lectures/ Friday Khutbahs - 1st Thursday of every month) Contact Markaz ad-Dawaa wal-Jaliyaat Tel: 4345078. Activities in English (Weekly Lectures)  by Dr. Abdullah al-Farisi
United Arab Emirates - Urdu Lectures /Friday Khutbahs ... Contact Maktaba al-Huda  Tel:  050-6465963 (Lectures also held in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain and Ajman)

It hurts us to see people die on Shirk