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Who is the Saved Sect ?

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The Last Messenger of Allaah, Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned his followers....

“Beware! The people of the Book before you split up into seventy-two sects, and this community (Muslims) will split up into seventy-three; Seventy-two of them will be in the Fire and only one will be saved.”

The Concept of the Saved Sect

1] Allaah- the Most High - said “And hold fast altogether to the Rope of Allaah and do not become divided.”

Soorah Aal-’Imraan (3): 103
[2] Allaah - the Most High - said “And be not those who commit shirk (associate partners with Allaah), those who split up their Deen (religion) and become sects; each rejoicing in what is with them.”
Soorah ar-Room (30): 31-32
[3] The Prophet Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:
“I advise you to have Taqwaa [1] of Allaah and to hear and obey, even if an Abyssinian slave becomes your leader. Those of you who live long after me will see a lot of differences, so hold fast to my Sunnah [2] and the Sunnah of the Rightly-Guided Khaleefahs [3] after me. Cling to it tightly and beware of the newly-invented matters (in religion), for every newly-invented matter is an innovation (Bidah [4]), and every innovation is misguidance, and all misguidance is in the Fire.”
Related by Abu Dawood (no.4607), at-Tirmidhi (no.2676), authenticated by al-Haafidh Ibn Hajr in Takhreej Ahadeeth Mukhtasar Ibnul-Haajib (1/137).

[4] The Prophet Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned his followers:
“I have left you upon clear proofs, its night is like its day, and no one deviates from it except one who is destroyed, and whoever lives (long) from amongst you will see great controversy. So stick to what you know from my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly-guided Khaleefahs - cling to that with your molar teeth.”
Reported by Imaam Ahmed (4/126), Ibn Majah (no.43), al-Haakim (1/96) and al-Baihaqee in al-Madkhal (51)

[5] The Prophet Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) also said:
“Indeed the people of the Book before you split into seventy-two sects. And this nation will split into seventy-three sects, seventy-two are in the Fire and one in Paradise”. And in another narration, “All are in the Fire except one.” It was asked: Who is that one? He replied, “That which I and my Companions are upon”
Related by at-Tirmidhi (5/62) and al-Haakim (1/128). It has been authenticated by al-Haafidh al-Iraaqee in Takhreejul-Ihyaa (3/199) and al-Albaanee in as-Saheehah (no.204).

[6] Ibn Mas’ood (May Allaah be pleased with him) said: “Allaah’s Messenger drew a line for us and then said, “This is Allaah’s Path.” Then he drew lines to its right and its left, and said “These are different paths, upon each of them there is a shaytaan (devil) calling to it”. Then He recited the verse “And Verily this is My Path, so follow it, and do not follow other paths for they will separate you away from His Path.” Soorah al-An’aam (6): 153

Related by Ahmed (1/435) and al-Haakim (2/318).
[7] Shaykh Abdul Qaadir al-Jeelaanee (d.561H) - rahimahullah - said:
“As for al-Firqatun-Naajiyah (the Saved-Sect) it is Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, and there is no name for Ahlus-Sunnah except one - and that is Ashaabul-Hadeeth [5] (the People of the Hadeeth)”
Al-Ghuniyatut-Taalibeen (p.212)

Allaah - the One free from all defects - orders us to hold fast altogether to the Noble Qur'aan, and not be like the mushriks [6] who split-up their Deen and become sects and parties. And the Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) informed us that the jews and the christians will be divided into many sects and that Muslims will split-up even more. And that all such sects will deserve the Hell-Fire for their deviations and their being far from the Book of their Lord (Rabb) and the Sunnah of their Messenger. But just one sect will be saved from the fire and enter Paradise - and that is the Jamaa’ah (those who cling to the Book and the authentic Sunnah and to the actions of the Companions of the Prophet). Their Beliefs being white and pure, manifest and untainted, such that its night is just like its day!
O Allaah! Make us from amongst the Saved-Sect and grant the Muslims the guidance and ability to be from it.


[1] Taqwaa: To protect one’s self from the anger of Allaah, by doing what He has commanded and avoiding what He has forbidden. It also means being conscious of Allaah.

[2] Sunnah : literally meaning ‘the way’. Islamically it refers to the sayings, actions and silent approvals of the Prophet Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him).

[3] This refers to the Khilaafah (ruling period) of the Companions: Abu Bakr, Umer, Uthman, and Alee’ (May Allaah be pleased with them all).

[4] Bidah: Innovation in religious rites and principles

[5] Ashaabul-Hadeeth or Ahulul-Hadeeth: (lit. People of the Hadeeth) A term given to the scholars of Islaam who preferred to avoid excessive reasoning and instead relied heavily upon the literal interpretations of sayings and actions of the Prophet  Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him). The only criteria for being among the Ahlul-Hadeeth is the correct Aqeedah (creed) and Knowledge of the Book and the Sunnah. However in more recent times, it has become a term used for those who oppose the blind-following of any single madhab, since they refer back to the views (Ijtihaad) of all the scholars of Islaam in matters that have no reference in the Book of Allaah or the Sunnah

[6] Those who associate partners with Allaah in the matters that are particular to only Him

This booklet is based upon an article that appeared in Al-Ibaanah magazine (Issue no.3). This is orignally part of “Minhaaj al-Firqatun-Naajiyah wat-Taaifatul-Mansoorah” by Shaykh Muhammed ibn Jameel Zaynoo (p.6-17)

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