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The Salaf's Guide to the understanding of
al-Qadaa' wal Qadar


Dr.Saleh as-Saleh

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The essentials of belief in Fate (Qadaa’ and Qadar) in Islaam

The Meaning of al-Qadaa’ and al-Qadar

Al-Qadar is an Article of faith:

The Qadar mentioned in the Qur'aan

The Qadar mentioned in the Sunnah

The Four Aspects Of Qadar

The First Aspect of Qadar - Al-Ilm [Allaah’s Knowledge]

The Second Aspect of Qadar - Al-Kitabah (The Writing)

The Third Aspect of Qadar - Al-Mashee’ah : The Will of Allaah

The Fourth Aspect of Qadar - Al-Khalq : The Creation 

The medium course is that of Ahlus-Sunnah, the followers of As-Salaf us Salih

The Ranks of Al-Qadar Together

In The Name of Al-Qadar !

Blaming Al-Qadar : Is There Evidence?


The Benefits of Belief in al-Qadar

A Final Note : Should Al-Qadar be discussed in the first place?

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