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The Salaf's Guide to the understanding of
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Dr.Saleh as-Saleh

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The Fourth Aspect of Qadar: The Creation
Al-Khalq : The

* Allaah is the soul creator of everything, including man’s deeds. There is no single atom, static or in motion but that Allaah has created it, as He says: “Verily! Allaah is the Creator of everything, and He is the Wakil (Guardian, Trustee, etc.) over all things.”

Soorah az-Zumar (39): 62
“That is Allaah, your Rabb, the Creator of everything.”
Soorah Ghafir (40): 62
“Say (O Muhammed (salallahu alaihi wa salalam) that Allaah is the Creator of everything, and He is the One, the irresistible.”
Soorah Ar-Ra'd (13): 16
The rank of Al-Khalq includes the Actions of Allah and the actions of His creatures. The Actions of Allah are true and real. They conform to what is entailed by His Names and Attributes. They influence all of creation in accordance with His Knowledge, Mashee’ah, and Ability. Nothing moves, no matter how small it is, except by His Mashee’ah, Knowledge and Ability. Whomsoever He guides, there is none who can misguide, and whomsoever He misguides, none can guide.

The Verse “Guide us to the Straight Path.” (Soorah al-Faatihah : 5) confirms that guidance is sought from the One Who is Able to give it. It belongs to Him; if He wills, He gives it, and if He wills not, He holds it.

Guidance is knowing the truth and executing it. Allah, alone, is able to make someone knowledgeable about the truth, seek it, and work by it. This Guidance is something that even Prophets {1}  and most righteous people cannot offer.

 “Certainly, you (Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wa salalam)) guide not whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills.”

Soorah al-Qasas (28): 56

In all of His actions there is perfect wisdom. He does not do anything in vain nor is His action devoid of any meaning. Allaah’s Actions are Real, All-Wise and All-Just. His creatures, and their deeds, are His creation.

The slave of Allah Has real ability, will, choice and action. Man’s ability to move and to believe are actions that are truly attributed to him. These actions are created by Allah. Man’s movement, standing, sitting, etc. are real actions which Allah decreed, set under His ability, willed, and created them for him. Man’s will and actions are next to His. This is the moderate and straight way of relating the Actions of Allah to those of His Creation. This is the course of As-Salaf us-Salih. It stands against two extremes. The first which claimed that pre-destiny deprived man from his ability and choice. According to this claim, man has no will and no real action, and that he is just like a feather in the wind. This group is known as Al-Jabriyyah {2} .

The Other group totally denied Al-Qadar and claimed that man creates his own actions by his ability and by his will, and thus making creators other than Allah! That is why the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa salalam) called them the “Majoos (Majians) of this Ummah”, because the Majoos claim that Satan “creates” evil and harmful things, making Satan a “creator” besides Allah. This group is known as Al-Qadariyyah {3}.


{1} Prophets and their followers explain and proclaim the Message. This guidance is known as the guidance of Irshad. Allah’s guidance is known as the guidance of Tawfeeq: opening one’s heart to receive the truth.

{2} This is the concept of Al-Jabriyyah (from Arabic Jabr, ‘Compulsion’) who maintained determinism against free will. These are the followers of Jahm bin Safwan (d.128H/745). Their doctrine is that salvation was pre-determined and that man, in effect, could not work either for, or against his salvation.

{3} Abu Dawood related on the authority of Abdullah bin Umar that the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa salalam) said: “AI-Qadariyyah are the Majoos of his Ummah, if they become ill do not visit them, and when they die do not witness them (their  funerals)” Sheikh Al-Albani said that the Hadeeth is Hassan (authentic) by way of its combined narrations. See
At-Tahawiyyah, P. 273 and As-Sunnah by Abee ‘Aasim V.1/149.

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