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As-Sunnah is a Bi-monthly Newsletter on Islamic Issues in English and is FREE for you to Download.

This Newsletter is in the PDF format, so you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print it - Click to Download the Free Acrobat Reader  

Issue 5 (April-June 2000) Aashoorah | Status of Sahabah in Islam | Characteristics of a Wali | "Whoever takes a Wali of Mine's as an Enemy" | Hijrah - Beginning of the Muslim Society
Issue 6 (June - July 2000) Who really loves the Messenger | "O Son of Adam! As long as you call me ..." | Principles of Tafseer | Advice on Establishing an Islamic Home part 2
Issue 7 (Aug - Sept 2000) "Whosoever believes in Allah and the Messenger ..." | Developing the Muslim Character - Taseer Soorah al-Hujurat | Advice on Establishing an Islamic Home part 3
Issue 8 (Sept - Nov 2000) As-salaam Alaikum | Isra wal-Miraaj - THe Journey by Night | Establishing Strenght and Honor in our Muslim Children | Tasweer - Pictures in the House | Teach Yourself Arabic: 1| Abu Hurayrah - An Heir of Allah's Messenger 
Issue 9 (Nov - Jan 2001 ) Ramadaan Special!! (24 page Issue)


Some Information About as-Sunnah

As-Sunnah Distribution Program (NOT APPLICABLE IN INDIA)

As-Sunnah Distribution Program for India

As-Sunnah Distribution Program: Insha'allah, from next month AHYA will send the Bimonthly as-Sunnah Newsletter for Free to those who wish to re-print and distribute this newsletter. 

If you are an Islamic Organizations or an individual involved in Dawah and are interested in our free offer, please send us details of your activities and how you plan to distribute as-Sunnah.  Email: v_revival@hotmail.com 


1. There is absolutely no charge. We only ask that you keep the newsletter unchanged. Apart from this you may add additional pages, your contact address or advertisements to support your Dawah.

2. The newsletter will be sent to you a month and a half before being published on the net.

3. You copy will have a customised message. 

We will add your contact address, logo, or anything that fits within 18 cms X 6 cms. So your printer really does all the working 

Rules: ....

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As-Sunnah Distribution Program for India:

AHYA Call and Guidance Center distributes as-Sunnah from its center in Bombay, on a non-profit basic. The Cost of this newsletter in Rs. 40 (in Bombay) and Rs. 60 (outside Bombay) per year. 

If you are accepted for the distribution program you can get upto Rs 20 (in Bombay) or Rs 30 (outside Bpmbay) per subscription. [conditions apply]

Details to be announced soon.


It hurts us to see people die on Shirk