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Some Information About as-Sunnah      

The Need for an English Newsletter: 
The idea of an English newsletter has been around for quiet a few years, since there are a large number of English readers in India and there is a grave shortage of Authentic Islamic literature in English. 

Though, various good books have been translated to English, they are very expensive according to Indian standards, ... rather practically unaffordable. 

AHYA al-hamdulillah, despite its meager resources, has published a number of booklets and leaflets. The as-Sunnah newsletter is another of AHYA's projects to make Islamic Knowledge more accessible to the people. as-Sunnah has some original articles, some articles based upon lectures by scholars and some beneficial articles from published books and websites. On the whole, as-Sunnah gives a good and regular access to Islamic issues on various topics.

The primary focus of as-Sunnah is Aqeedah - the Correct Islamic Creed, which is the most important aspect of Islam. Other social and religious issues are also covered.  

What makes as-Sunnah unique? 
- Firstly, there is no copyright, so it can be freely copied and distributed. It is either freely distributed by certain institutions or can be subscribed at  a very nominal rates (Rs. 40.00 in Bombay).
- Secondly it is the only source of Authentic Islamic Literature (in English) in India (a country with 200 million plus - Muslims). 
- It makes Islamic literature accessible to those who cannot buy expensive books, nor connect to the Internet.
- as-Sunnah is a great way to exchange information and keep in touch with brothers and sisters from the far corners of India.  

Our Target -
- to get as-Sunnah to reach different parts of the world specially remote areas. 
- to get as-Sunnah to the youths specially college students.

Getting Organized - Preparing Articles | Printing | Distribution | Promotion

As-Sunnah 's responsibilities have been divided into four categories.

Preparing Articles - Writing, compiling articles, proof reading.
Printing - Making sure as-Sunnah is printed and posted at time, quality control.
Distribution - This includes getting subscriber, door to door marketing, newspaper stalls, book shops, stalls in public places, promotion drives at schools and colleges.
Promotion - Offering commission for getting subscriptions, advertisements in newspapers, islamic magazines, sticking posters, promotional pamphlets. Distributing free issues of as-Sunnah. 

How can you help ? - 
 - If you are a subscriber to as-Sunnah and feel that it has beneficial information then you can help and assist us in any of the four categories mentioned above. 
- Even if you can recommend as-Sunnah to you friends and relatives, this will be a big help. 
- Send us you feed-backs and valuable suggestions. 

It hurts us to see people die on Shirk