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The Blind Following of Madhhabs

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The Blind Following of Madhhabs
by Shaykh Muhammed Sultan al-Ma'soomee


The Obligation of Referring to the Book and the Sunnah for Judgment

Author’s Introduction

 1. The Reality of  Eemaan and Islaam

 2. Blind-Following of a Madhhab, not Obligatory nor Recommended

 3. The Basis of the Deen of Islaam is Action according to the Book and the Sunnah

 4. Blind-following of a Particular Person Made Binding by Later Followers

 5. Will it be Asked in the Grave about which Madhhab one Followed?

 6. The saying that it is Obligatory to Follow a Particular Madhhabs, is Based upon Matters of Politics

 7. Ad-Dehlawee’s Verification that Madhhabs are an innovation

 8. He who Blindly Follows Anyone Apart from Allaah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) is Astray and Ignorant!!

 9. Ibnul-Hammaam’s Verification that Sticking to a Particular Madhhab is not Obligatory

10. The Imaam who is Followed and Obeyed is the Prophet (Peace be upon him)

11. Following of the Madhhabs has Resulted in Disunity and Disagreements

12. The Madhhab of Imaam Abu Haneefah is Acting upon the Book and the Sunnah

13. The Mujtahid may be Correct or Incorrect but the Prophet is Infallible

14. The Truth is not Confined within the Opinion of Anyone except Allaah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him)

15. A very Important Note

16. The Ummah will only be Corrected by that which Corrected its Beginning

17. The Statement of Fakhr ud-Deen ar-Raazee

18. The Greatest Imaam is Allaah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him)

19. Allaah has Ordered us to Proceed upon the Straight Path

20. Truth Accepted only From the People of Their Own Madhhab

21. The Prophet I did not Make it a Duty to Follow a Single Madhhab

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